Book One - The Cimaruta

Book One - The Cimaruta

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The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles - Book One - The Cimaruta

12 year old Persephane Pendrake learns of her destiny to capture 9 Magical Objects before the evil Melanthios does, who will rule this planet by Dark Magic, if she wins.

Even though her magical abilities are rapidly unfolding as she approaches her thirteenth birthday (Magical Maturity in her world), is she terrified of her destiny? You bet she is. But she’s determined to prove her worth, especially to her smug, condescending step-father, Robert.

She’s been made to keep her ‘witch-thing’ under wraps her whole life…now she’s going to get to spread her magical wings.

The first Magical Object, her Cimaruta, given to her by her mom, Angelica, was swiped right from her neck by the dark, sinister Melanthios!

Persy and her cheeky dragonfly familiar, Benson, team up with 13 year old Thaddeus Twyman and his not-so-brave dragon, P-C to re-claim her Cimaruta and begin the quest for the other 8 Objects.

Can they conquer Asian sorcerers, dark wizards, brain bending secret codes and ciphers, hidden treasures, evil curses, trickster fae and gnomes and more to capture all 9 Magical Objects to save the world for White Magic.